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Humanitarian, Educator, Community Leader, & Orator

Stacey D. Mills, a vehicle to community development, economic partnerships, and development, is the Senior Pastor at Mountain View Baptist Church in Downtown Greenville, South Carolina where he has served for the past 22 years.  The third pastor in the 110-year history of Mountain View, Mills is a bridge-builder within his multigenerational and multiethnic congregation.


A leader in every sense of the word, Reverend Mills is married to the former Jacqueline Burton.  Reverend and Lady Mills are the proud parents of Harrison, Kiersten, and Zion.


“This is God’s church. This is God’s people. I’m just honored to serve.”

The History of Mountain View Baptist Church

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John Henry Smith - Founding Pastor


More than forty years has passed since the worshippers at the storefront Little Mission Baptist Church, on Kelly Avenue, had known physical freedom. Faith had been kind to the members, offering God's words through leaders such as Rev. Lindsey, Rev. Marshall Young, Rev. Prince Hill, Rev. G. W Williams and Rev. J.H. Williams.  


While the rest of the world watched their government advance closer to an eventual world war, a handful of Christians in Greenville, SC were fulfilling their own dreams. Little did they realize, the impact this dream would have on an entire Southside community.  In 1908, the Mountain View Baptist Church was organized under the guidance of the Rev. Lark Simpson and the Rev. Lindsey. Within twelve years, the growth required a larger facility.  In 1920 under the leadership of Rev. Dan Moore, Mountain View Baptist Church moved to its present location, 111 Cagle Street.  



The church congregation sent Deacon Will Lee to talk to John Henry Smith with the hopes of Smith becoming Pastor.  Smith, who later stated he had stopped in Greenville, SC on his way to Philadelphia, agreed to take on the leadership of the church.  One day as Rev. Smith stepped outside the new edifice, he viewed in awesome wonder a spectacular and breathtaking view of Paris Mountain (there were no visible obstructions at that time).  The mountain stood towering as a testimonial symbolizing the greatness of God. Rev. Smith captured this glorious moment and changed the name from The Little Mission Baptist Church to Mountain View Baptist Church.


With each move or structural change, the membership continued to increase at a rapid rate.  Once again, the church was forced to expand in order to accommodate its increasing memberships.  At this time the church began to expand its community involvement and to 'dab' more into civic affairs. During Dr. Smith's leadership the area called Cripple Creek, but later renamed Newtown, took on a new wholesome appearance, replacing dingy shanties with a developed community spreading the word of God. During the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Rev. J. H. Smith, ventured to Washington, D.C. to discuss education and the improvement of conditions for all persons. After such work, in 1952, the church venture to built a structure that could house its 700 members.  Work on the new church was to be a slow but inspiring process.



Having given Mountain View many years of leadership and faithful service, Dr. J. H. Smith retired from active service in 1980.  He was followed by his nephew, Rev. D.R. Smith, who had served by his side as Assistant Pastor for four years. Rev. D.R. Smith brought to Mountain View a vitality needed to weather the questioning generations.  The church continued to flourish under Rev. D.R. Smith. Membership increased to more than 700.


In 1997, Rev. Stacey D. Mills was appointed to lead the church into the new millennium.  Under his transformational leadership, innumerable strides have been made. Representing the church and broader community, Pastor Mills serves as a vehicle to community development, economic partnerships, and land development. Although Pastor Stacey D. Mills is known for his visionary headship, he has been bi-vocational during his pastorate assignment and esteems education as an extension of his ministry. Through exceptional performance, Mills serves Executive Director of USC Upstate Greenville Campuses, strategically adapting academic programs to the needs of the area’s workforce.


Having kept the faith through struggle and having endured despite formidable odds, the congregation of Mountain View has weathered the past and overcome adversities with an increased faith and strength and now sits on her hilltop in readiness for the future!

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